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Schuby's Pork

We source our Schuby's Neighborhood Butcher pork from a couple of farms in the region. We carefully choose the best local pork fitting our raising guidelines where farmers rear the pigs on pasture with specific diets, and all farms are within a two-hour drive to our La Crosse location. Typically, we have Berkshire Hogs and Red Wattle Hogs at the shop.

Cuts of Pork


This cut from the loin section of the pig can be bone-in or boneless, cut to your desired thickness.


A long, narrow, and boneless cut of meat that comes from the muscle that runs along the backbone. It is super tender and very lean.


We offer baby back ribs and spare ribs at Schuby's. However, quantities are limited. We can accommodate more with pre-orders, contact us at (608) 615-1076 or stop by the shop to inquire.


This fatty cut is used to make bacon. It can also be braised to make delicious dishes like rich broths and sauces. Available at the shop, either raw or cooked. We also smoke it for our house bacon.


Available in two cut variations: Picnic and Boston Butt. Pork shoulder is excellent for smoking and braising. It makes great pulled pork or sausages - a very versatile cut.


This tough cut is used for a long braise or extended cooking time. It comes from the front forearm or hock of the pig. It is tough because the pigs develop muscles living in the woods, giving the meat incredible flavor. Chef Patrick's fav preparation is to make shredded pork shank tacos. 


Our Schuby's signature ground pork is a course grind, 75% meat / 25% fat. It is perfect for making sausages, using it for stuffing, and much more.

*Available at Schuby's Neighborhood Butcher upon request.