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About Schuby's

Our History

Throughout time, the neighborhood butcher shop was an intimate place where the butcher knew their customers' names and favorite cuts. It was a place of daily ritual, a connection to the community, and a direct link from the farmer to the food placed on the family dinner table. 

La Crosse was once home to several of these neighborhood butcher shops, most notably the F. Schubert Meat Market, which had its doors open from 1906 to 1969. The owners of this three-generation shop located on Market Street were direct relatives of the Weber family. 

Schuby’s Today

The Weber family opened Schuby's Neighborhood Butcher as an homage to the family markets of the past. Keeping with the intention to build that direct relationship with its customers, Schuby's takes pride in the quality of product and service one would have received from Frank Schubert himself.

Our Team